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The Team

Reagan​ Collins

Reagan Collins is a volleyball player at both the high school level and club level. He plays for Illinois Juniors volleyball and Lake Forest High School. Reagan, just like lots of kids, struggles with gross knee pads after use. Reagan is the CMO of the company.       










Andrew Sommers

Andrew Sommers is a high school hockey and lacrosse player who also struggles with keeping his sports gear dry for the next use. Andrew is our CFO and is hoping to bring you the best possible product that he can.

Jonathan Richmond

Jonathan Richmond is our CEO who plays Lacrosse and golf for Lake Forest High School. Just like everyone else, he needed a solution that can dry his gear out so he can play at his best performance.















Andrew Marsch

Andrew Marsch is the CTO of the company. He plays hockey for Lake Forest High School and has struggled with wet, gross gear for a very long time. He wants to create the best possible product so no one has to struggle with gross gear again.


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